A Joshua Tree duo featuring Steve Lester and Bobby Furgo
with other great musicians featured occasionally


This is our continuing series of original arrangements of classic tunes. We hope you enjoy them, and we appreciate your interest and support. If you would like to comment, we’d love to hear from you. The Facebook page is the most direct, and it also carries our live performance listings:

Ring Them Bells (Bob Dylan)

This track produced/performed by Stephen Lester (aka: JT Easy), with Jeff Lantz on piano.

This is another of our continuing series of original arrangements of classic tunes. We offer this music with great respect for the original writers and performers, and hope you enjoy our take on the songs. We are grateful for your interest and support.

Hang On Sloopy (Wes Farrell & Bert Russell)

Jeff Lantz – Hammond organ.
Steve Lester – arrangement/production/other instruments/vocals.
This is the 5th in our series of re-imagined covers of classic tunes. We offer these songs with great respect for the original artist’s versions, and hope you enjoy our funky, desert-inspired interpretations. This track was recorded and mixed at ‘The Song Farm’, a private studio in Joshua Tree.

My Secret Life (Leonard Cohen)

(violinist) Bobby Furgo played in Leonard Cohen’s band for 11 years, as well as many other well-known bands. This arrangement of Leonard’s song, ‘My Secret Life’ was originally done by Steve for Eric Burdon, who is a good friend and for whom Bobby and Steve do studio work. When Eric opted to record the song in a more traditional arrangement, Steve and Bobby decided to release their upbeat version with Steve’s lead vocal from the original demo. The background harmonies are done by Darlene and Damian (Dooley) Lester. The song was recorded, mixed, and mastered at ‘The Song Farm’ in Joshua Tree, CA.

Pride of Man (Hamilton Camp)

Perhaps the best and deepest of all protest songs. Hamilton Camp’s classic responded well to our contemporary and contemplative arrangement. Bobby Furgo’s violin duet in the middle of the song may be the most haunting violin narrative since Bartok.

All Along the Watchtower (Bob Dylan)

I have loved this song since I first heard it in the 60s on one of Dylan’s albums. It has been recorded many times, by many artists, but never like this. One of the earmarks of a good song is that it can be done in many ways, we hope you enjoy the Mojave Rhythm treatment of this great and classic tune. We offer it with the greatest respect.

Drive My Car (Lennon/McCartney)

The ‘Mojave Rhythm’ version of the Beatles classic ‘Drive My Car’ has been arranged in a pure-fun upbeat swing style offered, with all due respect, as an alternative take to the original version. We have loved this song since we first heard it. It illustrates the Beatles humor and storytelling ability. As we have said in our performances, a really good song can be taken into many different styles. We have taken this one into a country jazz/swing style that brings out another side of the innocence and humor that underlie the music.



Bobby Furgo (from Leonard Cohen Band) and Stephen Lester (aka; JT Easy) have been ‘Mojave Rhythm’ duo for several years, these original guitar/violin/vocal arrangements show how great songs can keep their maximum heart appeal even with minimal production.

An ambient/groove soundscape, with meditative, emotional melodies and physically moving rhythms, expressing the mystical realms below the surface of life. Let go of the everyday; feel your body; breathe; take the trip. We promise to bring you back safe. Read more…