About the Waiting For Charley album…

waiting-for-charley-cd-coverAn ambient/groove soundscape, with meditative, emotional melodies and physically moving rhythms, expressing the mystical realms below the surface of life. Let go of the everyday; feel your body; breathe; take the trip. We promise to bring you back safe.

As the engineer/co-producer of master percussionist Brent Lewis for 10 years, I had accumulated many ideas of my own while working on his ground-breaking percussion recordings. This project is an effort to bring into focus some of these ideas that came since the release of our (Mojave Rhythm) successful ambient recording ‘Tantric Circle’ several years ago.

This music was composed and produced in the spring thru late fall of 2013 at the New Moon Records studio (the Song Farm) in Joshua Tree, CA. The mixes contain frequencies far below those of commercial recordings, more like you might hear in a theatre environment. They are best enjoyed in a quiet setting on a full-range sound system, or on good phones. I would not advise operating machinery while listening, give it your full attention and it will take you away.

I did the music primarily for myself, to help me through a time of healing. There is no higher goal for an artist than to produce something that is pleasureful and uplifting for oneself and at the same time useful to others. I hope you will find this music useful in your own journey.

This project is dedicated to the memory of John Boyd and Robert Spoecker.

Heartbeat of a spring Night-
Carries an ambient night theme through from sunset ’till dawn, with night sounds, rhythm, dobro, flute, guitar, and talking drums.
African drum, bass: Damian Lester
Native American Flute: John Yonushonis

Theatre of the Dawn-
A melodic and mystical piece structured in an unusual circle, with rhythm, guitar, piano and violin, and organic ambient spacial effects that provide a dreamy backdrop for Bobby’s beautiful violin.
Violin: Bobby Furgo

Baba Cush-
Tribal-trance-dance rhythm, takes you through the underworld and into the sky. Go with it.
Didgeridoo: Jeremy (Yongurra) Donovan

Astral Walk-
Seeing without looking, hearing without listening, moving with no effort, inexorably, to the door; closing it behind.
Native American flute: John Yonushonis

Hey Now-
Celebrating the freedom of being light as air and able to move instantly to any conceivable place in the universe. Then coming joyously back into human form, safe and sound.
Organ: Bobby Furgo

Written and produced by Steve Lester
(c) 2014 Hanged Man Music BMI
Label: New Moon records (